A qualified professional will have the knowledge and experience in diagnosing what is wrong with your hair and/or scalp and will then give expert advice on a varied range of hair-linked lifestyle issues.

Ottawa Hair Loss Services

At The Hair Clinic we have specialists in all fields of hair loss treatment, enabling us to give you the fullest advice on what treatments are available.

Male Hair Loss

It is essential to have your hair loss problem diagnosed by a trichologist, even if you think it’s just male pattern baldness as it could be a number of other types of hair loss conditions that require different treatment to

Female Hair Loss

A staggering 60% of the female population suffer with hair loss of varying degrees, this causes untold amounts of anxiety on behalf of the sufferer as social opinion in general only regards hair loss as being a male problem.

Why Get a Blood Test?

A blood test may be recommended, as most hair loss has underlying medical conditions that may be the cause of the hair loss, such as a vitamin or mineral deficiency, or a hormonal imbalance. A woman who has thin hair with no bald patches may have hormonal imbalances caused by excess levels of androgens. Patients with advance forms of alopecia will more likely require comprehensive blood counts. Blood tests are important to perform. Iron levels, thyroid abnormalities, and hormonal abnormalities are all important to screen. Testing for blood hemoglobin levels, iron, thyroid, B12, Vitamin D should at least be considered in all patients. Other tests may be important including ANA, zinc, ESR, ENA, AST, Alt, bilirubin, DHEAS, total testosterone, AM cortisol, prolactin, etc., depends on the patient’s history. Blood tests should typically be ordered with suspected androgenetic alopecia.

You may also wish to visit a trichologist for preventative advice on how to keep your hair and scalp in good condition as to avoid any health conditions.

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