Ottawa Hair Loss Clinic | HAIR CYCLE
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Hair Growth Cycle

Hair is an integral part of our identity, so it can be extremely confronting if it starts to lose condition, thin or fall out.


As part of the hair growth cycle, it is normal to shed 50-100 scalp hairs every day. This cycle, that takes several years to complete, has three main phases as shown in the diagram below.

Ottawa Hair Loss Clinic – Hair Growth Cycle

First in the hair growth cycle is the growth or anagen phase when a hair is nourished through its root deep in the follicle. This can last from two to seven years. Second is the short degenerative or catagen phase when hair detaches from its nourishing blood supply causing it to stop growing and become a dead hair, also called a club hair. And thirdly, the resting or telogen phase which lasts a few months, when detached hairs start to fall out.


Hair loss can become visible when there are too many resting hair follicles and the longer they remain resting, the greater the chance of permanent and irreversible hair loss. Proper will help regenerate hair follicles in this critical phase of the hair growth cycle and increase the percentage of normal, healthy hair follicles in the anagen phase.